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How do commissioned pieces work?

One of the best parts of Painted Pendants is our ability to offer customized illustrations to our customers. Commissioned products are $45 each. Please reach out through our Contact section and let us know what you have in mind and feel free to include reference photos. We are happy to work with you on making a fun unique piece of art. Please bear in mind that we work primarily in small illustrations and often in watercolor. Custom orders can take a little longer to receive due to the nature of the process, we do aim to finish commissions quickly and will maintain communication throughout the creative process.

Commission Customer Reviews

Customers who have worked with the artist to acquire custom items have kindly sent in reviews.


      "I could not be happier with my Painted Pendants necklace. I commissioned a piece based on the theme of hope and transition, not knowing even what I wanted it to look like. The design Sierra created based on just a few minutes of conversation is truly incredible. It is absolutely perfect, and I wear it all the time. It's unique to me, it has my story, and it's such a beautiful work of art no one else knows what it means."

-R. Sok


"I am so impressed with my beautifully commissioned Painted Pendants! As soon as I saw some of her designs I knew I wanted Sierra to make me something completely unique. Sierra is amazing and totally professional to work with. I described what I wanted and in what colors and she delivered beyond my expectations in a matter of days. She even kept me in the loop during her creative process by sharing photos and progress with me. She took my feedback and implemented it without hesitation. I've already commissioned two pendants and she is now working on a third. If you're looking for a delicate, thoughtful, hand crafted gift for a loved one then talk to Sierra. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Sierra!" -R.S

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