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Are there more designs?​


Yes! Due to the nature of the business there will be new options added and some will be removed or set aside to make way for new products. Feel free to check out our social media platforms and reach out if you see something you want on one of those locations. Don't worry, you can always ask about something you've seen and liked!


Payment and Shipping


There is a flat rate for shipping and handling that is added to your cart at checkout. Please provide accurate information when checking out so that the item is sent to the correct location. Please allow up a week for your item to ship, due to each being handmade, time needs to be allowed for the artist to make it. Please reach out if there are any questions about payment methods.


The Creation Process 

Each item is hand painted using watercolors and ink pen. The size of the painting ranges from that of a dollar coin to a dime, and sometimes the size of a stamp (depending upon the frame). The painting is sealed into the frame using a magnifying glass cover or clear flat resin. 

Frame Options 


If you happen to see a painting you like but would prefer it in a different frame setting please reach out and let us know. We are happy to help in getting you what you're after. Please understand that similar to custom orders extra time might need to be allotted for the materials to be acquired. 

Returns & Refunds


The unique nature of the craft means that there are individual traits to all the pieces. Therefore unless the item is damaged (broken glass or image out of frame) all sales are final. We appreciate your understanding as these are all one of a kind items and are therefore irreplaceable. 


Custom Orders


If you have an image or special request painting to be done please use the "contact" tab and reach out. We will dialogue about cost and possibilities for your order. It's recommended to have a reference photo ready to send so as to expedite the process. Custom orders can take longer due to the desire for a unique look or if specific materials need to be ordered. You can pay for your order using the item called "Custom Order", additional fees may be applied for specialty products.

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